Oszi gombas salata ChefGomba

Autumn mushroom salad


  • 250 g baby chestnut mushrooms
  • 1 romaine lettuce
  • small handful of toasted walnuts
  • 1 apple
  • 1 small bunch of grapes
  • 2-3 tablespoons honey
  • olive oil, salt and pepper
  • balsamic vinegar (optional)

Season the mushrooms with salt and pepper and begin to fry in a hot pan. Drizzle over the honey and fry until caramelised.

Wash and shred the salad. Toast the walnuts in a hot pan without fat. Halve the grapes and thinly slice the apple.

Arrange the salad leaves on a plate and top with the mushrooms, fruits and nuts. Before serving, drizzle with sweet balsamic vinegar and olive oil.