Bácska-style rice and mushrooms

Bacskai rizses gomba

Bácska-style rice and mushrooms


  • 500 g chestnut and white button mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • 2–3 teaspoons of ground paprika
  • 50 ml water
  • 500 g jasmine rice
  • oil, salt and pepper

Finely chop the onion and fry in a little oil. Wash and quarter the mushrooms, then add to the pan and sauté.
Sprinkle over the ground paprika, add the water and allow to simmer.

In the meantime, cook the rice.

Once the mushrooms are cooked, remove them from the pan with a straining spoon and set to one side. Blend the remaining liquid using a stick blender. Stir in the cooked rice and mushrooms and serve.

A delicious meaty meal without meat!