Chilli mushroom bulgur

Csilis gombas bulgur

Chilli mushroom bulgur


  • 500 g baby chestnut mushrooms
  • 1 whole chicken breast
  • 1 onion
  • chilli powder
  • paprika
  • 200–250 g bulgur
  • parsley
  • oil, salt and pepper

Cook the bulgur in twice its volume of boiling water. Once the water is absorbed, remove the pan from the heat, leave the lid on, and allow the bulgar to steam until tender.

Dice the chicken breast, season with salt and pepper, and fry in a little oil. Add the chopped onion and continue to fry. Season with the chilli and paprika.

Wash the mushrooms, add them whole to the pan, and fry.

Once the mushrooms have turned golden, toss the chicken and mushrooms with the cooked bulgur, sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley, and serve with a fresh salad.

A quick and healthy dinner that can be put together a day in advance.

The chilli is optional: if you prefer your food less spicy, it can be substituted with a little extra sweet paprika.