GEPC Promo launches campaign to promote mushrooms

In order to promote European mushrooms throughout Europe, especially to millennials, GEPC Promo (European Association of mushroom producers) launched a new campaign co-financed by the EU with the slogan: ‘European mushrooms, hidden pearls’, a 5 million euro promotional campaign that is expected to create a growth of 28 million euros in three years.

GEPC Promo launches the promotion campaign in 9 European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The aim is to make consumers more aware of the many benefits that European mushrooms have for a healthy and balanced diet. Affordable, accessible, varied, rich, easy to prepare, sustainable … European mushrooms have it all, perfect for every day!

In Europe, the mushroom sector has an annual turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros. “Characterized by a high degree of self-sufficiency, this dynamic market responds particularly well to the new trends of responsible consumption, promoting local employment, avoiding food shortages and offering good and cheap food products.”


Poland and the Netherlands (over 50% of total European production) are the largest European mushroom growers, closely followed by Spain. The mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) is the most cultivated species, accounting for 1,063,700 tons in 2020, of which 64% was destined for the Fresh Market and 36% for the processing industry. “Mushroom cultivation requires significant investments, but these figures have remained relatively stable in recent years. This sector, with around 2,900 European producers, is also very important in terms of employment, accounting for more than 40,000 direct jobs, especially in rural areas. It is interesting to know that 70% of all fresh mushrooms are sold mainly in hypermarkets and supermarkets. The remaining 30% goes to the hospitality industry and catering companies. In recent years, the purchase price for retailers and Catering has also remained very stable, around 3 euros per kilogram. Even better, the entire chain of cultivated mushrooms, from start to finish, is an example of sustainability, which is evident by their production methods.”

“In the Netherlands and Belgium, consumers are more concerned than ever about the quality, origin and sustainability of their food. A third of them try to eat as little meat as possible and 70% want to drastically reduce their meat consumption. Mushrooms are the ideal product to meet the evolving needs of today’s consumer. On the one hand, they belong to the group of fresh vegetables and fruits that health specialists recommend, and on the other hand, European mushrooms are affordable and suitable for any diet all year round. Finally, they are produced sustainably and locally with limited water consumption. But mushrooms are above all about taste pleasure: they are high-quality culinary products that are characterized by their typical earthy and meaty flavours. From mushrooms to portobellos to shiitakes, European mushrooms are fantastic ingredients that take any dish to the next level.”

The campaign’ European Mushrooms, the hidden gem ‘ wants to remind millennials that mushrooms offer the perfect answer to the many and often high demands of today’s consumers.

Source: TrinityBugle