Mycelium-based replacement for eggs

FB ChefGomba potato mycelium

As pandemics threaten our world and the bird flu outbreak leads to a severe shortage of chicken eggs, food companies urgently search for alternative solutions. FreeFromThat, a Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy division, has collaborated with AVEBE of the Netherlands to launch Potato Protein+Plus, a groundbreaking product to replace eggs in various food applications.

Potato Protein+Plus is a natural protein derived from organic potatoes and combined with Mycelium from mushrooms, offering an excellent solution for creating egg-free textures in cakes and other traditional egg-based foods. FreeFromThat aims to offer a range of plant-based, allergy-free products with functional ingredient systems for improved texture and capabilities in food applications.

The bird flu pandemic, responsible for the death of over 150 million chickens since 2020, has driven up egg prices and created an urgent need for sustainable alternatives.

Manuel Lynch, CEO of FreeFromThat, emphasizes the gravity of the situation and the necessity for food solutions like Potato Protein+Plus. This product not only offers an affordable option for food companies but also caters to consumer demands for plant-based products that closely resemble traditional dairy and egg-based items in taste and texture.

Source: PotatoNewsToday